Symposium programme

Monday 20th of May

Opening session

9:30 – Word of Welcome
10:00 – Introduction, with Cyril Cosme (International Labour Organisation in France) and Mgr. Bruno-Marie Duffé (Dicastery for Integral Human Development)
11:30 – Conference: how is work related to social suffering and environmental destruction? with Vandana Shiva (Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy)

Why do ecological and societal realities call for a redesign of tomorrow’s work?

14:30 – Conference: The challenge of work for a just and sustainable world, with Gaël Giraud (The French Development Agency) and Yves Clot (CNAM).

16:30 – Why do ecological and societal realities call for a redesign of tomorrow’s work? Choose one from among

SESSION #1 – Precariousness and exposure to risk: the double socio-environmental penalty: Denzil Fernandes (Indian Social Institute), a representative of MRJC, Hyacinthe Naré (Centre de Recherche et d’Action pour la Paix, The International Council on Clean Transportation, Ouagadougou).

SESSION #2 – Obstacles to the ecological transition: Cécile Renouard (Campus de la transition, ESSEC-Paris), Martin Lesage (Réseau d’autopartage Citiz), Floriane Rodier (JOC).

SESSION #3 – Social fragmentation through work: Montserrat Mir (European Trade Union Confederation), Martine Combemale (Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières), Paul Dembinksi (Observatoire de la Finance). Animation Bertrand Hériard Dubreuil (MCC)

SESSION #4 – Ecological transition versus economic reason: Sophie Gaudeul (CFDT), Moustapha Kamal Gueye (OIT, Green Jobs programme), Samuel Jubé (IEA Nantes). Animation Hervé Bry (CFTC Métallurgie).


Tuesday 21st of May

Rethinking work so that it is respectful of the planet

9:00 – Conference: The new frontiers of work for a just ecological transition, with Pierre-Michel Menger (Collège de France) and Eloi Laurent (OFCE).

11:00 – Towards new horizons. Choose one from among

SESSION #5 – Is working, in essence, a form of care?: Xavier Pavie (ESSEC), a representative of the International Council of Nurses, Pierre-Yves Gomez (EM Lyon). Animation Patrice Le Roué (CFTC)

SESSION #6 – How can the transformation of work be achieved on a large scale?: Clément Séhier (Institut Mines Télécom), Emilce Cuda (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Argentina), Marieke Louis (CERI, Sciences Po). Modération Camila Perruso (Collège de France).

SESSION #7 – How can we place people and the common good at the center of work?: Adrien Tusseau (Réseau Roosevelt), Daniel Le Guillou (Territoires Zéro Chômeur de Longue Durée), Gabriel Mendoza (CIAS). Animation Andy Predicala (JOIC).

SESSION #8 – The role of belonging to community in the rethinking of work: François Dupuy, Andres Ignacio / Pedro Walpole (Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change), Anna Biondi (OIT). Animation Pierre-Jean Cottalorda (Campus de la transition).


the Ecological transition: down to work!

14:00 – Conference: How can “useful” activities be valued? with David Graeber (London School of Economics) and Louise Roblin (Ceras)

16:30 – What are the debates? Choose one from among:

DEBATE #1 – Should production be relocated?: Pauline Barraud de Lagerie (IRISSO), a representative of Orée, Mireille Viora (haute fonctionnaire). Animation Christophe Alliot (BASIC).

DEBATE #2 – Towards social and ecological protection: Aurore Lalucq (Institut Veblen), a representative of Oxfam, Katja Hujo (UNRISD).

DEBATE #3 – The mission and responsibility of the company: Blanche Segrestin (Mines-ParisTech), Swann Bommier (CCFD-Terre solidaire), Alice Peyrard (Veolia, direction du développement durable).

DEBATE #4 – Ecological transition, technological transition?: Peter Warrian (Lupina Foundation) / Diego Silva (Health Science, Fraser University, Vancouver), a representative from Renault, Agnès Sinaï (Institut Momentum). Animation Bernard Perret.

DEBATE #5 – The role of religions as factors of change: Rabbi Abraham Soetendorp, Martin Kopp (GreenFaith), Elena Lasida (Institut Catholique Paris). Modération Guillermo Kerber (Service de la Formation, Eglise Catholique Romaine – Genève).


Wednesday 22nd of May

Towards a work respectful of people and the planet

9:00 – Conference : What would work look like if it were respectful of people and the planet? with a representative of the ILO and Mgr. Jorge Lugones (President of Catholic Social Care in Argentina)
10:45 – Manifesto for a just and sustainable future of work
11:30 – Roundtable: What transition ? with Dominique Potier (French member of Parliament), Philippe Portier (secrétaire national de la CFDT en charge de la transition écologique), Emmanuel Forest* (directeur général adjoint de Bouygues), Luc Cortebeeck (syndicaliste, président du conseil d’administration de l’OIT).
12:45 – Concluding thoughts
13:15 – Drinks and refreshments

* Subject to confirmation