Symposium programme

Monday 20th of May

Opening session

9:30 – Word of Welcome (Marcel Rémon, Ceras ; Pierre Martinot-Lagarde, ILO)
10:00 – Introduction, with Cyril Cosme (International Labour Organisation in France) and Mgr. Antoine Hérouard (Social Commission of COMECE)
11:30 – Conference: how is work related to social suffering and environmental destruction? with Vandana Shiva (Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy)

Why do ecological and societal realities call for a redesign of tomorrow’s work?

14:30 – Conference:
Health at work and public health: the quality of work suppressed?, with Yves Clot (CNAM)
The challenge of work for a just and sustainable world, with Gaël Giraud (The French Development Agency)

16:30 – Why do ecological and societal realities call for a redesign of tomorrow’s work? Choose one from among:

SESSION #1 – Precariousness and exposure to risk: the double socio-environmental penalty: Denzil Fernandes (Indian Social Institute), Hyacinthe Naré (Centre de Recherche et d’Action pour la Paix, The International Council on Clean Transportation, Ouagadougou). Animation Guillaume Almeras (Secours Catholique).

SESSION #2 – Obstacles to the ecological transition: Cécile Renouard (Campus de la transition, ESSEC-Paris), Martin Lesage (Réseau d’autopartage Citiz), Floriane Rodier (JOC). Animation Bertrand Hériard Dubreuil (MCC).

SESSION #3 – Social fragmentation through work: Martine Combemale (Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières), Paul Dembinksi (Observatoire de la Finance), Bertrand Ballarin (Michelin). Animation Hervé Bry (CFTC Métallurgie).

SESSION #4 – Ecological transition versus economic reason: Sophie Gaudeul (CFDT), Alexandre Poidatz (Oxfam), Samuel Jubé (IEA Nantes). Animation Ignacio Alonso (ICMC).


Tuesday 21st of May

Rethinking work so that it is respectful of the planet

9:00 – Conference: The new frontiers of work for a just ecological transition, with Pierre-Michel Menger (Collège de France) and Eloi Laurent (OFCE).

11:00 – Towards new horizons. Choose one from among

SESSION #5 – Is working, in essence, a form of care?: Gilles Vermot Desroches (Schneider Electric), Yves Schwartz (Université de Provence),Emmanuel Gabellieri (Université Catholique de Lyon). Animation Patrice Le Roué (CFTC)

SESSION #6 – How can the transformation of work be achieved on a large scale?: Clément Séhier (Institut Mines Télécom), Emilce Cuda (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Argentina), Nayla Ajaltouni (Ethique sur l’étiquette). Modération Camila Perruso (Collège de France).

SESSION #7 – How can we place people and the common good at the center of work?: Bert de Wel (International Trade Union Confederation), Daniel Le Guillou (Territoires Zéro Chômeur de Longue Durée), Gabriel Mendoza (CIAS). Animation Andy Predicala (JOIC).

SESSION #8 – The role of belonging to community in the rethinking of work: François Dupuy, Andres Ignacio / Pedro Walpole (Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change), Véronique Lucas (INRA). Animation Pierre-Jean Cottalorda (Campus de la transition).


the Ecological transition: down to work!

14:00 – Conference: How can “useful” activities be valued? with David Graeber (London School of Economics) and Louise Roblin (Ceras)

16:30 – What are the debates? Choose one from among:

DEBATE #1 – Should production be relocated?: Mireille Viora (haute fonctionnaire), Frédéric Amiel (IDDRI). Animation Christophe Alliot (BASIC).

DEBATE #2 – Towards social and ecological protection: Aurore Lalucq (Institut Veblen), a representative of Oxfam, Katja Hujo (UNRISD), Johannes Siegrist (University of Düsseldorf), Emmanuel Combet (ADEME). Animation Jean Merckaert (Secours Catholique)

DEBATE #3 – The mission and responsibility of the company: Blanche Segrestin (Mines-ParisTech), Swann Bommier (CCFD-Terre solidaire), Alice Peyrard (Veolia, direction du développement durable). Animation Martin Monti-Lalaubie (Revue Projet)

DEBATE #4 – Ecological transition, technological transition?: Peter Warrian (Lupina Foundation) / Diego Silva (Health Science, Fraser University, Vancouver), Dominique Lucas (Renault), Xavier Ricard Lanata (AFD). Animation Bernard Perret.

DEBATE #5 – The role of religions as factors of change: Rabbi Abraham Soetendorp, Martin Kopp (GreenFaith), Elena Lasida (Institut Catholique Paris). Animation Guillermo Kerber (Service de la Formation, Eglise Catholique Romaine – Genève).


Wednesday 22nd of May

Towards a work respectful of people and the planet

9:00 – Conference : What would work look like if it were respectful of people and the planet? with Anna Biondi (ILO), Mgr Bruno-Marie Duffé (Dicastery for Integral Human development), Mgr. Jorge Lugones (President of Catholic Social Care in Argentina)
10:45 – Manifesto for a just and sustainable future of work
11:30 – Roundtable: What transition ? with Dominique Potier (French member of Parliament), Philippe Portier (secrétaire national de la CFDT en charge de la transition écologique), Emmanuel Faber* (Danone), Luc Cortebeeck (syndicaliste, président du conseil d’administration de l’OIT).
Facilitator : Antoine Bellier (RCF).
12:45 – Concluding thoughts
13:15 – Drinks and refreshments

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